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The Spice is Nice – As featured in 2012 Issue of La Belle Helene

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Spice of India: Classic fare with a modern twist.

Dhal, Biryani, Tikka masala. For many culinary connoisseurs, the meree mention of these words is like music for the mouth. Luckily, St. Lucia’s Rodney Bay is home to Spice of India, where the food sings. “Indian cuisine is misunderstood by many people.” says head chef and owner, Adil Sherwani. “People think of it as overly spicy and greasy, and that’s a shame.”

Chef Adil and his talented team feel it is their mission to make modern Indian cuisine that focuses on freshness and flavour while bringing a clear, clean taste to the palate. “One should be able to taste each, individual spice, whether it’s the cilantro, mint, chillies or whatever.” The fine balance found in the food is reflected in the restaurant’s modern mandate. Young chef Adil sees to that.

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